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SSL (HTTPS) - Does Your Site Pass The Google Test?


In case you haven't heard Google is notifying website owners that unless they get SSL installed on their websites Google will start showing "This Site is Not Secure" to your website visitors.  Google also gives better search engine rankings to secure sites.  We are now reaching out to all clients and recommending getting this set up.

GoDaddy charges around $60 for a certificate and we handle the setup and installation on your site for $149 (this is the member price). 

The process looks something like this:

  • You purchase the certificate (or we can with your billing info)
  • We will manage the installation of the certificate on your server
  • We secure your website (make sure all URL's are "https"
  • We test and verify the installation is successful using a 3rd party tool.

If you are ready to get started just submit a ticket and let us know.

Looking at your SSL page, there is an incorrect sentence:
Is yo are ready to get started just submit a ticket and let us know.

Should be:
Are you ready to get started ...


Thank you Suzanne, we fixed it!

Ok, great!  Thanks


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