We just completed an upgrade of our website!


Monday we launched a new version of WPsitehelpers.com. What changed? On the surface, not much except the menu across the top, and we made some changes to our plans. But under the hood? Big time. We implemented the well known and popular WooCommerce Subscriptions to manage member payments and accounts.  It's much more robust and flexible then what we were using before.  Our members have better control over their billing accounts and we have better tools and data to manage billing and payments. A win win!

In addition, we also added Stripe credit card processing as a payment method along with PayPal.

Right now we have both systems still running. So, if you signed up before August 28th, 2017 you are still on the old system. Everyone else moving forward will be on the new system. We hope to find a way to migrate everyone to the new system soon.

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